Funny English for Everybody

After participating at the Access Summit in Kiev on October, 2013, the Ungheni Access students and teacher got inspired in developing a new civic engagement project, addressed to teaching English to little kids from a kindergarten.The project, entitled “Funny English for Everybody”, aims not only to teach English, but to make them recognize the fact that education is a privilege and a possibility for everybody to acquire new interesting things and to pass through hard times easily. This way, the Access students offer a different way of learning through cartoons, movies, songs and games, that all children from kindergaten “Steluta”  love very much.

The classes are organized twice a week and the project will last 5 weeks. Now, they have begun the third week, and everybody is pleased: children, parents and teachers, since it is a new and exciting experience in the region which got a high appreciation from the whole community, such as mass media , parents, children and the local administration.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


2 thoughts on “Funny English for Everybody

  1. I think this project is convenient for children , due at the fact ever become something in life , that nowadays higher education studying in english language .

  2. It is a good ideea and I like this kind of project becouse in such ways we convince others to know English, a language that is quite used.In these conditions , we highlight how important is communication between people and not only that but also the form in whichwe do this.

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