Sharing Is Caring

Access Ialoveni students had a wonderful idea and intention to share their good mood and the little they have with their Access colleagues from Orhei and Straseni living in orphanages.

In order to do that the Access students came up with a great plan aimed at offering the Access Străşeni and Orhei students some moments of joy and positive emotions and, of course, the wonders of friendship. Thus, the students from Ialoveni started to work hard long before the visiting day. They turned out to be a group of young talented and designers since they made some amazing handmade bowties for them and for the students from the orphanages. They prepared some interesting activities to spend a perfect day together with their new friends.

The visitors sang and performed a role-play about the good and bad choices a teenager makes in his life. They brought candies, postcards, notebooks, and crayons to give the students they visited for their answers. The orphan kids were offered the chance to demonstrate their knowledge of English and to practice it.

Since they visited their fellows from Orhei the day before Valentine’s Day, the Access Ialoveni group made a special presentation about love and its importance in our lives. They decorated the room in the spirit of this holiday, bringing “their” big heart with them and sharing it with their colleagues.

At the end of the day, the Ialoveni students gave each of the orphanage students a present that would remind the Strășeni and Orhei students of their visit. They wanted to give a piece of the things they found in their homes in order to bring a smile on the faces of those children, so they brought toys, books, notebooks and many other useful and nice things.

These visits created a wide range of positive emotions in the hearts of all the participants. They definitely made the Access students feel that they are a part of a big family. There were a lot of smiles, laughter, jokes and  feelings of gratitude. It is always so nice to watch how children form new friendships.

We believe that this event was very inspiring for both- the guests, and the hosts, and that the students influenced each other in a good way, becoming determined to continue working hard and do good things for their community and the people surrounding them.ImageImage

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